Budapest Danube River Dinner Cruise

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Do you think what can be the perfect programme during Budapest stay? Join our Danube River Cruise and discover the beautiful Hungarian capital from the boat while you have dinner!

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Departures: Every day at 19.00 (except on 20th August and on 31st December)

The meeting point for Dinner & Cruise is inside the Danube Palace (Zrínyi Street 5.). Please be at the meeting point latest by 18.30.

Duration: 2 hours

Adults: 15.400 HUF (approx. 52 € )

Students: 14.700 HUF (approx. 49 € )

This tour can be booked min.24 hours before the tour date.

5 reviews for Budapest Danube River Dinner Cruise

  1. Joan

    It was like floating in liquid lights, it was fabolous! Service was professional, too, it could be quite okay in the most elegant restaurants, too. Thanks!

  2. Nora

    Delicious tastes, pleasent music and the marvelous panoroma offer a memorable night. I’m sure you’ll like it! Great thanks to the organizers!

  3. Cathy

    Gypsy music reflects so many emotions, it suits the night lights of this marvelous city very well! And I loved the special spicy traditional food, too.

  4. Bridget

    If you seek a perfect Budapest program, choose this one! Me and my colleagues all loved it, you won’t be upset either!

  5. Tommy

    If you’ve not too much time but you want to feel the atmosphere of the country, book a trip like this! National music and other programs, food – and the amazing view. Several values in one a single program!

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Enjoy a relaxing night out in Budapest with this scenic Danube River cruise. Sip drinks including wine and Champagne and choose a Hungarian buffet dinner. You’ll be entertained by live music as you admire the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Budapest panorama, which includes the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrássy Avenue.

Let's be the part of a beautiful night!

River Cruise Budapest and Folklore Show with Dinner

Tasty Hungarian dinner, pleasant live music, and last but not least the most wonderful view of the Hungarian capital city… If you agree that these are the ingredients of a perfect summer eve program, join us and enjoy the unique experience which the River Cruise Budapest and Folklore Show with Dinner offers the guests.

Spend a nice evening with us in a cozy, rustic restaurant! Traditionally, the meal is opened by a welcome drink which is followed by a three-course Hungarian dinner and high-quality wine(s). While you are having the mild spicy dishes, you can enjoy a spectacle folklore show and music by a Gypsy band.

The history of the Hungarian folk dance covers long centuries and it’s extremely varied. At least from hearsay, everyone in Hungary knows something about the round dances, the ‘legényes’ (which is a man solo dance), or another special dance which is performed by women with a bottle on their head. And these are only a very few shades of this colorful heritage. We know that it’s a hard task to pay attention to any other moments than the virtuosic movements of the dancers, but the fabulous national costumes also deserve your attention. Actually, they are as important parts of the Hungarian culture as the music, the dance, the history, or the cuisine.

Let’s learn the basic history of the Hungarian Gypsy music!

A traditional Gypsy band consists of 7 or 8 members, and it’s controlled by the principal conductor called ‘prímás’. Besides the violin and the dulcimer, they usually use viola, cello, flute, contrabass, and clarinet, too. Due to these musical instruments, not only folk songs but also some classical plays can be performed. Traditionally, Gypsy artists show their actual emotions and mood via their play, so improvisation has a great role in their music.

In Hungary, there are some notifications about Gypsy musicians from the early new age. However, it became a common profession only in the 18th century. At that age, one of the most popular Gypsy musicians was a woman called Panna Czinka. Nearly a century later, a new style called ‘verbunkos’ made this genre more various. This style was related to recruitment. One of the greatest musicians of the ‘verbunkos’ was János Bihari. At that time, Gypsy music represented Hungarian national feelings and it was acknowledged even abroad. In the second half of the 19th century, this kind of music was an essential part of the cafés and other pleasure grounds. For example, Pista Dankó was a famous Gypsy composer. Gypsy musicians have always been the elite of their own society but only the most famous of them could achieve real richness.

Nowadays, the best-known representative of the genre is the worldwide famous Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra which was founded in 1985.

A must-have panorama

The dinner is followed by the highlight of the night. The Hungarian capital city offers several fabulous views but most tourist agree that the most wonderful one can be enjoyed from the Gellért Hill. In 1848-49, there was an independence war in Hungary against the Habsburg emperor which failed. In 1854, a citadel was built on the hill to control the ‘rebel’ inhabitant of the city. Fortunately, there was no offensive started from it. The relationship between Hungary and Austria was settled in 1867 and after that, the happy inhabitants started to destroy the hated building. However, they soon gave it up due to a lack of money. The citadel performed his last historical role during the 2nd world war when it used for air defense aims against the Soviets while in the vaults injured people found shelter and medical help. Nowadays it’s a common tourist sight due to – among others – the marvelous view which can be enjoyed from it. From the building you can see both Buda and Pest; it’s always a nice experience but at night the sparkling streets and buildings seem to be absolutely magnificent.

If you would like to enjoy more items of the Hungarian culture during a meaningful program, choose the River Cruise Budapest and Folklore Show with Dinner..

Head to Danube Palace in central Budapest in the evening, where your friendly local host will escort you to the cruise ship for your 1.5-hour cruise on the Danube River.

Onboard, enjoy a relaxing candlelit atmosphere as you sip drinks including wine and Champagne. If you choose the dinner option, you’ll also enjoy a hot buffet dinner of typical Hungarian dishes (sample menu can be found in the Itinerary section below).

Sit back and relax as you take in views of Budapest’s famous UNESCO World Heritage-listed urban panorama, a series of sites that illustrate the city’s fascinating history and culture.

Pass the Buda Castle Quarter, Andrássy Avenue, the Chain Bridge (Clark Ádám Square), the Gellért Baths and Mt Gellért with its Freedom Monument. You’ll be awed by the sparkling city lights while enjoying live music entertainment, performed by three members of the Hungária Folk Orchestra.