River Cruise Budapest and Folklore Show with Dinner

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Folklore Show & Dinner Cruise on the river Danube| 3/6-course meal
Duration: 3 hours| Depart from 19.30 o’clock| Everyday

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5 reviews for River Cruise Budapest and Folklore Show with Dinner

  1. Kenny

    You’ve provided us a really Hungarian atmosphere with great music and delicious food. Hungarian cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world! I love its mild spicy taste.

  2. Elisabeth

    Well, I’m a typical woman, so… that clothes, I couldn’t forgot them! Matyo embrioderies are brilliant! Of course, dancers and musicians were very talented, and I loved the view and the meal.

  3. Poppy

    How can you, dancers move like this? You’re fantastic! I’ve tried to learn but I failed… Genious dances and I love Hungarian operettes! It’s nice to beleive that life may be so joyful sometimes than in those plays.

  4. Cristoph

    Great music, brilliant dances, and high-quality food. And the best panorama ever!

  5. Sylvie

    Me and my collegauges were at a conference in Budapest, and we celebrated our success with a cruise. There were a wide choice and choosing You was a very good decision! If someone knew nothing about this country, your program would show them the true attractive atmosphere of Hungary.

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Traditional Hungarian Dinner and River Cruise Budapest

Hungary is one of the most historical and cultural city in Europe. The begin of the Hungarian history and culture has been started a very long time ago and we spend a lot of time to save as much as we can.

Our river cruise in Budapest offers an opportunity for those who would like to celebrate how Hungarians doing it.
We love gypsy music, so this is why we invite the best performance to our stage! Our music band will be playing classical and traditional Operetta songs while our singer will show the Hungarian habit by her voice. During our cruise, you can see beautiful clothes on our artists which are decorated with special motives, which name is „matyo” embroidery.

The musicians are not the only spectacle in Budapest on our cruise. While you have a 3/6-course dinner and clink with your family or partners and drinking a champagne on our board, there you can see monumental buildings of Budapest, such as the Hungarian Parliament or the Buda Castle, moreover you will be passing through under some bridges of Budapest which are the following; Chain Bridge, Liberty bridge, Petőfi bridge, Elizabeth bridge.

This tour takes 3 hours and you can order 3/6-courses from the menu which includes appetizers and soups, main courses with vegetarian options and some sweets at the end.

Who do we offer this lovely Hungarian Dinner?

If you would like to take a step close to the Hungarian culture. We help you to learn some steps, our Folklore Dancers will show you the basic dance moves. Of course after your dinner :D

This cruise shows you a different perspective of gastronomy. Hungarian cuisine is a bit spicy, bit hot, however, we prepare something sweet. This versatility can be tasted in our drinks also, which call „palinka”. This short drink made by fruits, such as peach, apple, grape or we can continue for the endless. Come and have a shot and be Hungarian for a Night and celebrate with gypsies.

Before you start the dinner we serve some appetizers to the tables which have different spicy creams on them. We offer two types of soup, one of them is Hungarian Goulash soup while the other one is also prepared with the traditions of Hungary, it's a potato cream soup. You have a possibility to choose one main course on the board from the following: Our main courses include chicken or veal stew or roasted almond or duck leg confit or tofu or grilled cheese. After you finish with courses and you still have a place for some sweets, there will be a chance for the chillout with flan cake or fruit plate.

During the cruise, we will take 2 rounds on the river Danube. This program starts from 19.30 till 22.30, boarding from 19.00 o’clock at the meeting point, dock 11.