Are you planning to visit Budapest? We help you to find the most popular things to do during your holiday in Hungary!

Our palette offers you several trips and programs in Budapest, which can be ideal if you did'not have an exact plan before. Budapest keeps many miracle places to visit and much more exciting programs that you can try if you arrive in Hungary.

Budapest is not only the most visited country in a day but also was popular in the past centuries.  The Szechechenyi bath opens their door for visitors at the begin of the 20th century, when the number of the visitors were more than 200.000/day. This is one of the evidence that present for everybody how our history and culture are old.

If you would like to get more information about the city and its agglomeration, here you can see some trips and cruises for you.

The marvelous Budapest Night Cruise fascinates the guests’ all senses. If you desire exclusive experiences and veritable Budapest atmosphere, spend a pleasant night on the board of one of our ships..

Budapest Night Cruise

Budapest is a real metropolis that never sleeps, so several programs wait for the tourists and local inhabitants both daytime and night. Choosing from the varied range is not a simple task but a sightseeing cruise shouldn’t be missed. A cruise and the view of the night Budapest are memorable experiences themselves, but we offer some extras, too. Are you seeking an exclusive location for a special occasion? Would you like to invite your prospective client to an official dinner? Or do you want to toast with your colleagues after your newest success? Anyway, everyone needs some celebration from time to time. You must find only a good cause – the perfect site is our task! The Budapest Danube Dinner Cruise, the River Cruise Budapest and Folklore Show with Dinner, or the pleasant Danube Legend Evening Boat Cruise are quite popular programs, and any of them can be the highlight of your Budapest travel.

Join the visitors of the Budapest Night Cruise!

budapest hajozas dunan

Silverline Cruises - Budapest Night Cruise

Come and be the part of the marvellous night!

The welcome drink which can be either a glass of champagne or some juice/fizzy drink is a worthy opening of the Budapest Danube Dinner Cruise. As we start our travel on the waves of the river, we’ll pass the imposing buildings one after another. They seem to be quite representative daytime, too, but the night lights make them really fascinating. Among others, you can adore the House of the Hungarian Parliament or the Buda Castle from the board, and, of course, we travel under some bridges, too. Due to the floodlighting, they also show their best appearance. During the design of the exclusive menu, we cared about guests who are on a special diet, for example, they are vegetarian or allergic to something.

The dinner consists of an appetizer, soup, main course, and dessert. Most courses are inspired by the Hungarian cuisine, so we offer some goulash soup, veal stew, or duck leg, but if you desire some lighter dishes, we recommend the roasted trout with some green beans. Or you can try our vegetarian option which also provides special tastes. For example, the grilled Halloumi Cheese can come up to expectations in any of the famous restaurants, but the brilliant combination of the seasons and the carrot is able to make a unique course from even a bowl of simple tomato soup. To make this night more fabulous, our guests can enjoy live music due to the invited talented musicians. If you are brave enough, you can ask your favorite song from them. Or much better: your beloved one’s favorite item. A song which is only for you two – can you imagine a more romantic gesture at a rendezvous?

Romantic Piano Show and DInner

River Cruise Budapest and Folklore Show with Dinner

The River Cruise Budapest and Folklore Show with Dinner offers a veritable Hungarian atmosphere. During the four-course meal, a Gipsy band plays the songs of the most popular operettas and classical music, too. The pleasure is made perfect by the beautiful voice of the vocalist. Music and dance often appear together – and it’s true for this cruise, too. If you take a fancy to try these dances, after the show, the artists will show you the most basic steps and movements. Besides the hilarious movements, you should also pay attention to the dresses because the dancers wear one of the most marvelous Hungarian traditional costumes which are decorated with really spectacle embroideries called ‘matyó’. Hungarian tastes suit to the Hungarian music and historical buildings: we recommend high-quality firewater called palinka to the mild-hot, spicy dishes. Even if you are on a special diet, you don’t need to skip this cruise, because the vegetarian dishes such as grilled cheese or tofu offered by the Budapest Night Cruise are quite tasty, too.

Hungarian Folklore and River Cruise

Hot buffet dinner and river cruise

For those who prefer a hot buffet dinner, we have another special offer which also contains a music program. Or there’s a boat cruise without music, but, on the other side, you can learn exciting details about the history of Budapest and the sights appeared during the travel. The audio-guide service is available in thirty languages. Similar to other cruises, each guest receives his/her welcome drink, and the magnificent view offers several subjects for making photos.

dinner cruise and parlieament hungary

Hot Buffet Dinner on the Danube and Sightseeing