Sightseeing & Pizza Cruise Budapest

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70 minutes tour, Free English language audioguide, unlimited beer/soft drink and 1 choosen pizza!

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5 reviews for Sightseeing & Pizza Cruise Budapest

  1. Tom Black

    I was invited to the pizza and beer sightseeing cruise by my friends coming from England and I was so glad of the memorable boat trip and the tasty Hungarian beers, too.

  2. Annie Callen

    Love unlimited beer consumption option!

  3. Michał Krawiec

    Coming from Poland to take part in your cruise. I must give 5 stars. Perfect trip, beers and staff. Thanks again!

  4. Mary Hicks

    As I reached Dock 11, I saw many boats and I was a little sad not the most modern one takes the sightseeing program. So I will book another kind of ticket to get the luxurious catamaran.

  5. Ánya Aszejev

    Using audio guide is so perfect but I need to know whether Russian is also available. Thank you for the reply.

    • Richard

      Hi Ánya! Yes, of course. Waiting for you on board!

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Sightseeing Cruise Budapest

Why do you need to choose pizza and beer during a cruise?

Originally, pizza is an Italian dish referred to as a main course, but now it is widespread around the whole world. They are really known everywhere. Its thin pasta with tomato is light but nourishing yet. During the cruising on the Danube, we could offer its best quality „Hungarian” version since unfortunately, the original, the characteristic spicy, the so-called inimitable Italian pizza is made only in its home country.

Unlimited Beer & Soft Drink - 70 minutes Tour

While doing the sightseeing cruise, unlimited beer or refreshing drinks are waiting for you for 70 minutes. On board, you could choose from some pizza options or other street foods such as the well-known margarita, hawaii or ham and corn ones. Whichever flavour you need; the unlimited beer is guaranteed. Pizza and beer combined with sightseeing cruise Budapest is one of the most popular programs by foreign tourists, since there are no foreigners who do not want to taste Hungarian handcrafted beers, wines and of course the famous Hungarian „palinka”- if they are already visiting the country. Our extra package does offer the consumption of short drinks, too. That is why the buffet on board is ready with a number of hungaricums of tasty wines and brandies that you could manage to try.

Of course, cruising on the Danube is not just about eating and drinking. According to the tourists worldwide, a memorable sightseeing cruise is the best way to discover the Hungarian capital from the river Danube, as the most well-known sights are located on the banks of it so the city is so wonderful day and night. There are great numbers of UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Buda Castle District, the Parliament or the Fisherman’s Bastion. What else offers a greater experience than cruising on the Danube? Invite your friends and relatives! Relax in the middle of the tranquillity of nature, „far away” from the noise of the capital but still in the heart of it. A boat trip could be a perfect place for a bachelor or bachelorette party even an unforgettable birthday greeting or just an afternoon family sightseeing one in Budapest. Cruising is for everyone as a special experience for children, adults and the elderly, too.

The pizza and beer sightseeing ticket includes the followings:
  • -70 minutes of cruising in Budapest even on an open deck
  • - a safe and modern sightseeing boat
  • - buffet on board optionally
  • -unlimited beer or soft drinks
  • - 1 pizza or street food /person
  • -free Wi-Fi on board
  • - English language audio guide

Let’s be the part of a memorable boat trip! Come in groups with friends, leave the burden of everyday tasks for at least 70 minutes and let the wonderful Budapest captivate you! If you are looking for a real stylish break, arrive by day or night, our pizza and beer cruise awaits all kind guests gladly every day of the year.

This is the great time for booking online or buy your favoured ticket on the spot (Dock 11 - Silverline Cruises Meeting point) and enjoy the amazing panoramic view of Budapest. During the sightseeing cruise you have the opportunity to explore all the monumental buildings of the capital from a special perspective while rocking in the middle of the Danube.