How long is the River Danube?

The Danube River is the second largest river in Europe. The 2,850 km long river crosses Europe as it originates in the Black Forest, in Germany and ends up in Romania at the Black Sea. During its winding way, the river crosses 10 countries including Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. A lot of more and more beautiful settlements are emerging on both sides of the river, including four capitals: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, and Belgrade.

Why is The Danube Bend Tours are so popular?

Thousands of tourists are visiting the area year by year thanks to its natural attractions and the cultural heritage represented by the surrounded settlements. The River Danube divides the Hungarian capital, Budapest, into Buda and Pest side and it also separates countries. In Párkány, the Mária Valéria Bridge over the River Danube connects the Hungarian and the Slovakian side but the River Danube functions as a natural border of Romania and Bulgaria also. The Danube, as it is usually called, is the pearl of European river shipping. There are a lot of shipping companies operating cruises with different distances along the Danube Canal. The cruises are usually departing from the German city, Passau and leaving towards the Hungarian capital, Budapest. As we go along the Danube River we can gain many beautiful experiences. Hungary’s most beautiful tourist region is only one hour from Budapest.

This area has a spectacular view of the Danube bend where the river flows between the Hills of Visegrád and the Hills of Börzsöny. At the Danube bend, you can see the former royal palace of Hungary, the citadel of Visegrád and so on. This place is picturesque and it is worth to go hiking or walking there.

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Swallowing the foam of the Danube, we pass the Slovakian capital too, where the old castle of Bratislava rises high on the left bank of the Danube. This is a must-do visit because of its amazing location.

Right after the Danube bend, the River Danube heads towards the Hungarian capital

You can discover this vibrant city from the water on a boat tour along the banks of the Danube River. You will be amazed while you are slowly getting closer to the heart of the city as the Danube flows through it. The beautiful landscape and the fascinating buildings of Budapest will be right in front of you. There are a lot of famous buildings in Budapest that you must see, just to mention a few of them: the Buda Castle, the Citadel and the Fisherman’s Bastion on the left side of the river, the Hungarian Parliament, the domes of the St Stephen’s Cathedral and the Gresham Palace are standing on the right side of the River Danube. The historical and iconic bridges are also making a big impression with their wonderful sights. The most famous is the Chain Bridge but we have to mention the Liberty Bridge, the Elizabeth Bridge or the Margaret Bridge too. And once you visit Budapest, you will fall in love with all of them, for sure.

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Visiting the Danube Delta at the Black Sea in Romania is also a frequent destination. There are many variations with different ports and durations of 4-16 days. Of course, there are opportunities for those who can’t afford long holidays on board. One of the most popular river cruise destinations is the Budapest-Vienna tour. This journey on the River Danube only takes 5 and a half hours but offers several attractions. Vienna is also a very popular tourist destination. The magic of this city is that it’s full of energy and perfectly combines old traditions with modern facilities. Vienna is a perfect mixture, from the water too. It’s recommended to book your tickets in advance if you don’t want to miss it!

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