The magnificent Budapest Square – The Heroes’ Square

Everyone, attending the capital of Hungary at least once, will completely visit heroes’ square Budapest to discover its hidden treasures, to get some knowledge of Hungarian history and culture or explore the beautiful place in order to take part in some actual programs organized.

What should you know about the wondrous Hero’s square budapest as a guest?

One of the main basic emblems of the capital city and the most well-known and most visited square, the so-called ‘crown decoration’ of Andrássy avenue is Heroes square budapest. This one is placed in the 14th district of Budapest as probably Hungary’s most famous and most attended square.

heroes square

As we stand on the square, we could amaze how many young people enjoy skateboarding or roller skating to the City Park next to the square, or we could visit the Museum of Fine Arts on the square, and of course, we can also take advantage of the space doing many programs organized by seasons. So, if Budapest hero’s square and its attractions were not enough, we could visit some great events near there such as the Budapest International Half Marathon, the SPAR Budapest International Marathon and Running Festival or the Vienna-Budapest Super marathon and destination. The National Galloping venue or the Parade Square are waiting for the entire country, hosting presentation of masterpieces of contemporary art, the so-called ARC Exhibition and organizing one of Europe’s largest free concerts.

What is about the surroundings and an excursion in the City Park?

Therefore, whether it’s winter or summer, weekends or weekdays, Heroes’ Square is always offering something, providing its wonderful atmosphere, its significant historical statues which are worth visiting here, having the possibility to relax and feel the buzz of Budapest.
Many tourists, as well as local people from Budapest, prefer to visit the City Park in order to get some pleasure in the Heroes’ Square or just take a stroll in the shade of the millennial trees of the park, being equal with the nature, gaining spiritual wealth from the environment in the middle of the busy city. There are so many activities and entertaining facilities to do here in addition to the sights: in summer, boating on the city park lake is a perfect romantic or family program; in winter the ice rink and ice-skating and its surroundings provide wonderful views. The romantic atmosphere of the ice-skating rink and its cozy restaurant will surely impress you in the cold winter times, too, and it is worth a visit during your journey.

Some details and data about the square you need to know are the followings:

The history of the square dates back to the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. At the center of the 85-meter-wide and 25-meter-deep semicircular column hall there is a 36-meter-high Corinthian column. This statue of Archangel Gabriel can be amazed in the 36-meter-high statue in the centre because King Stephen is said to have crowned himself and taken up the Christianity since he had a dream with angel Gabriel who requested him to act. So, the crown and the cross in the hands of the statue could indicate this dream – having a five-meter-high statue of the Hungarian royal crown.

Furthermore, there is a 4.7-foot-tall statue of seven conquering leaders. A bronze statue symbolizes war and peace inside, work and prosperity on the outside, and knowledge and glory. Between the columns, a 2.8-meter-high statue of 7-7 famous personalities of Hungarian history was placed on both wings on the right and the left side, too. The statues of leaders and its creators in Hungarian words are the followings: on the left peristyle Szent István – Senyei Károly, Szent László – Telcs Ede, Könyves Kálmán – Füredi Richárd, II. András – Senyei Károly, IV. Béla – Köllő Miklós, Károly Róbert – Kiss György, Nagy Lajos – Zala György and on the right peristyle Hunyadi János – Margó Ede, Mátyás – Zala György, Bocskai István – Holló Barnabás, Bethlen Gábor – ifj. Vastagh György, Thököly Imre – Grantner Jenő, II. Rákóczi Ferenc – Kisfaludi Srobl Zsigmond and Kossuth Lajos – Kisfaludi Srobl Zsigmond.

Heroes’ Square… some thinks of a place as the City Park, some knows Budapest has some large statues somewhere in a square, others will visit at once while staying in the city. Undoubtedly, it is the most spacious area dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries and nowadays, popularly photographed and visited one as the venue of so many events.

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