Cruise 31st of December in Budapest

new years eve firework

The end of the old year and the beginning of a new one is an important day and it has been being celebrated for many centuries. It is a border and – like every border – this evening has a mystic feeling. Several superstitions and ’fortune magic’ are related to New Year’s Eve.

For many people, this anniversary has been connected to wild celebrating with loud music, shouting, flashy costumes, and blowing trumpets. This habit has its own tradition: in former ages, people hoped to frighten evil spirits far away with making as big noise as possible.

But what can you do if you prefer some more intimate ways of celebrating?

We know the solution! Choose our special Budapest NewYear‘s Eve cruise and won’t be upset. The Hungarian capital city is divided into two parts by the River Danube. Traveling on the waves of the second-longest river of Europe is a unique experience itself but we can still enhance this adventure. You can adore the floodlit buildings of Budapest while we provide extra programs besides the amazing panorama. The imposing historic buildings such as the Building of the Hungarian Parliament, bridges, and churches are wonderful daytime, too, but the lights of the night make them truly unforgettable.

Snow is a quite rare phenomenon but if you’re lucky, the bank of the river will be covered with snow which reflects the lights. If we have mentioned the Parliament former: at the stroke of midnight, our ship will stop there and we can greet the new year by clinking our glasses. Can anyone imagine a more ideal site? We think no! You’ll feel like the part of a perfect postcard because usually this view of the Parliament is eternalized on them.


What do we provide for your ticket?

Besides the view of the Hungarian capital city, we offer live piano music, a four-course meal, and the possibility of unlimited drinks.
Good drinks have a great role in almost every important anniversary but they have the main role on the last night of the year. We offer two options. Naturally, you can order from the drink menu whatever you want and you’ll pay it at the end of the night. Anyway, it’s worth trying our drink package. The „all you can drink” ticket is a little bit more expensive but it entitles you to consume beer, wine, champagne, or any other kinds of drinks unlimitedly. Regardless of the formerly mentioned options, we present you two glasses of champagne: one as a welcome drink and another one for clinking at midnight.

During the whole night, gentle live piano music will please our guests and they can enjoy the talent of our singer, too.

The courses of the delicious dinner are quite various so every kind guest can find the most suitable offer. We have also paid attention to satisfy several requirements such as the needs of visitors with food intolerance. At midnight, we serve some extra courses, according to the Hungarian national traditions: lentil soup and stuffed cabbage. The superstition says that eating lens is recommended because it brings good luck and great fortune. Pork in the cabbage also attracts luck, according to the folk’s belief.

If you’d like to bring your children to this Budapest NewYear’s Eve Cruise, you can book tickets for them at lower prices (for children between the age of 5 and 15).

Our tickets are available in a limited number so don’t hesitate and book your ticket today!

If you don’t like the ’traditional’ noisy and wild parties or just would like to try another way of celebrating this year, choose our New Year’s Eve Budapest Cruise. At the end of the year, many people make various oaths. Why don’t you make your own a little bit earlier and start with the common topic called ’spending more quality time with your family and/or friends’? Surprise your loved one(s) and spend a quiet, pleasant night with them on the board of our luxurious catamaran.

Moreover, we offer other spectacular programs such as Hungarian folklore and operetta or the romantic piano battle show. So our cruises can be ideal choices for every important anniversary or any other significant days!

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