What to do in Budapest at night?

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Kazinczy street

This street in District No. VII is a significant part of the party zone, especially its phase which is between the Dob and Dohány streets. A brustling crowd spends the time there every Budapest night. The street has been renovated in the recent past, and it has been covered with pleasing and showy cobblestones. You can find here various pubs such as the famous Szimpla ruin bar or El Rapido which sells not only delicious Mexican dishes but also high-quality tequila. It offers 40 types of it so if you like this characteristic drink, don’t miss this place! We can also recommend KisParázs which provides food from the South-Eastern region of Asia. So if you would like to eat something before party time, the choice is quite copious! For visitors who like fashion-pubs, the Kék Ló (Blue Horse) may be a perfect place.

However, it’s worth knowing that Kazinczy street has an important role in the cultural life and education, too: daytime prospective teachers and psychologists learn here and the Electrotechnical Museum can also be found at this street.

Ruin bars

Probably you don’t understand what can be so attractive in an old building which contains similarly old, second- (or more) hand furniture and decorations. The items of the interior are usually from the 60s or 70s (or, at least, they imitate the styles of these decades). However, many people love these places so it’s worth trying at least one of them! They have a unique feeling of freedom and creativity. The king of this genre is Szimpla (Simple) which was opened at the very beginning of this century and immediately created a new fashion. According to a survey led by the Lonely Planet guidebook in 2011, this is the 3rd best bar in the whole world!
If you are interested especially in Budapest at night, visit Corvin Club, Instant, or Larm. These ruin bars provide the greatest party feeling! Instant has an extreme opening time: as it is open till 6:00 am, you can relax there after a too hard party. If you feel hungry after a long night, have a copious brunch at Most (Now). For fans of unique drinks, we propose Eleszto where guests can choose from various kinds of fine craft beer. However, if you are longing for something stronger, taste whiskey or rum in the Kisüzem (Small Plant) or firewater in MazelTov. It provides 17 types!
Besides drinks and food, ruin bars in Budapest usually offer interesting programs. The former-mentioned Szimpla organizes markets where you can buy craftwork products, while Schatzi Dress&Bar sells individually designed clothes, too. In Gólya (Stork), you can enjoy exhibitions, film nights or you can meet with writers. Music at these places varies in a wild palette: besides the actual and retro songs, guests can enjoy even jazz or folk music.

Gozsdu Courtyard

This is one of the most dynamic and improving centers of Budapest night life. It offers several programs thus annoys relaxation, party, gastronomy, and cultural programs. Not only youngsters can enjoy them: this region of the city attracts more than 900 thousand visitors every year, and it’s very popular among both tourists and Hungarians. The ancestor of the Courtyard was founded by a Romanian lawyer called Manó Gozsdu who paid all costs from his private wealth. He considered supporting and educating youngsters as his most important task. In the 20th century, it collected sad memories too, as it was the part of the Jewish ghetto. Now it’s the part of the World Heritage. Let’s see some from the exciting programs which you can try there nowadays. If you like Hungarian fashion and designers, visit fashion nights in the summer. Moreover, you can learn salsa or try Thai massage. There are usually street markets, and if you’re lucky, you can see how an artist creates his/her painting or sculpture. And, if you feel enough talent, you can try yourself too! At night, Gozsdu and the whole street offer a fascinating sight because they are floodlit.

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