St. Matthias Church Budapest

matthias church budapest

History of the church

The church, which was founded after the Tatar invasion in the 16th century, was originally built in Gothic style on a French model. In the Turkish period many parts were demolished, and after the liberation of Buddha it was given to the Jesuits, who completely remodeled the temple into Baroque style. The large rose window was walled in, the Gothic tower was demolished, and a Baroque roof was replaced. The facade of the church completely lost its original features. In the 1700s, unfortunately, a fire destroyed the church. Looking at the pictures taken in the 1800s, we could see a picture of a completely different temple compared to today. In 1867, after the compromise, Joseph and his wife Queen Elizabeth were crowned here. In 1873, the king ordered the removal of the Baroque character of the church and the restoration of its original state.

Between 1874-1896, under the lead of Frederick Schulek, a large rebuilding took place, forming the present image of the building. By demolishing some parts of the building, Schulek restores the original, distinct character of the church by reconstructing with original architectural solutions ands completely restoring the damaged parts.

Some practical information that needs to know if you would like to attend st. matthias’ church:

Address: H-1014 Budapest, Szentháromság square 2.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 12pm, Sunday 13am – 5pm.

Phone: + 36/1 / 488-7716

Admission is free in the following cases:- Children under 6 years- For prayers – Pilgrims – For institutions e.g. for schools and kindergartens with a pilgrimage ticket- For groups of institutions providing tourism – For the disabled The Matthias church is open for tourists with a visitor ticket.

The closest stations to Matthias Church are the followings:Szentháromság square is 82 meters away, 2 min walk.Donáti Street is 275 meters away, 4 min walk.Dísz square is 408 meters away, 6 min walk.Which Metro stops around the Matthias Church?M2.Which rail stops Around the Matthias Church?H5.Which buses stop around Matthias Church?116, 16, 16A. Inside mathias church, a religious store is located between St. Imre’s Chapel and the Choir Stairs, where visitors can purchase some religious items, souvenirs, private label products and publications, books during the church’s tourist opening hours. Flash photography is not allowed at some scenes. Guests are kindly asked to behave nicely according to the following regulations: – No smoking, food, drinks,- Dogs and other animals are not allowed in the temple- The temple can only be visited in appropriate clothing (covering shoulders and thighs). – Guests should remove their headgear- Please, do not use mobile phones- Everyone is expected to have a quiet, church-like attitude- Guests who refused the entry rules will be asked by our staff to leave the temple Exploring the magnificent Matthias churchst matthias church is the most famous Hungarian one visited by thousands of people each year. It is absolutely the largest and most wonderful ornament of the Buda Castle, the most popular church in Budapest, covered with snow-white, lacy-like towers and covered with colorful Zsolnay tiles. Thanks to a complete renovation of 7 years completed in 2013, the temple has managed to become untarnished.

The neo-gothic church, made of snow-white limestone and covered with its colorful Zsolnay tiles, is without a doubt the most spectacular building in the Buda Castle District. The temple is completely walkable so you have the opportunity to amaze the northern chapel line, the upper part of the great tower, interior paintings, wall frescoes and colored glass windows.

It is a positive fact that Budapest is one of the best destinations in Europe, not only for the Hungarian eye, but also for the tourists who come here every year from all over the world. District I and the Castle District do play a major role in this. Many times, in our country, we do not know the value of the sights, the tourist attractions that are almost at our hand.

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