Danube Bend Tour

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Discover the Hungarian History on Blue Danube! Have an Adventure and see the most memorable Hungarian cities!


Runs: Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays

Duration: 9 hours

Adults:  79 €

This tour can be booked min.24 hours before the tour date.

Services included in the price:

  • Multilingual guide service
  • Bus service
  • 3-course menu lunch with drinks
  • Free pick up from your hotel 30 Minutes before the tour starts
  • Tour ends in the city center
  • A boat ride from Szentendre back to Budapest ( 01.May-20.September)


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The Danube Bend is a memorable tour along the ’’Blue Danube” with stops in Visegrád, Esztergom, and Szentendre. Visit Esztergom, Visegrád, and Szentendre, the 3 most beautiful cities in the Danube Bend. Enjoy the Hungarian history along the “Blue Danube”. Have an unforgettable boat tour back to Budapest.

Esztergom: The center of the Catholic Church. We take an interior visit to the largest cathedral of Hungary. Then we drive across the river and enjoy the view over to Slovakia.

Visegrád: We drive up to the top of the hill to enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the Danube valley and the surrounding area. In your free time, you can visit one of the main attractions of the town, the medieval fortress. Then you can enjoy a 3 –course menu lunch with drinks in a typical restaurant with a unique panorama.

Szentendre: We drive on to the artist’s village of Szentendre. It is a small baroque city and it became one of the most popular tourist destinations in our country. We walk around the baroque settlement and walking on the lovely narrow streets reaching the Danube. You can also visit museums (for example the Margit Kovács Ceramic Museum, the Marzipan Museum) or do some souvenir shopping.


Several regions of Hungary have plenty of sights but the Danube bend is an outstanding area. There the River Danube and the mountains called Börzsöny and Visegrád provide some picturesque views. The region offers not only amazing landscapes but also exciting historical and artistic programs. Our Daube bend tour starts from Budapest and we’ll discover the most popular items. Modern buses and multilanguage-guide make the tour more pleasant.


Visegrád and Esztergom are the two most famous cities there and both of them have an inter-esting history. However, several little towns or villages offer many valuable sights, too. Many centuries ago, a Celtic settlement, then a Roman military settlement were in the place of the current Esztergom. In Hungarian history, Géza prince was the first who chose the Castel Mountain as his seat.

Esztergom is one of the ten bishoprics which were founded by (Saint) King Stephen 1st who had been born there. In his life, the city became an archbishopric and since then it has been the center of the Hungarian Catholic Church. The imposing, Classical basilica represents well its significance. The 100-meter-high church is the highest Hungarian basilica and one of the biggest ones in Europe. In the undercroft, you can visit the tombs of famous Hungarian clergymen such as Janos Vitéz or József Mindszenty.

The treasury has magnificent values, and in the basilica, you can also find the chapel of Bakócz which was built from red marble. Actually, it’s not real marble but a specially transformed limestone with high iron-rate. That’s why it is red. However, the altar was sculptured from real marble form Carra-ra. This chapel is the most intact piece of the Hungarian Renaissance architecture. Archbishop Tamás Bakócz wanted to be the Pope in 1513 and he had really good chances. Finally, not him, but Giovanni Medici was elected.

The city has several other sights besides this wonderful church! For example, the palace which was beloved by the Árpád dynasty or the Danube Museum. In the palace, several exhibitions represent the medieval life, the White Tower offers an amazing view, and you can also visit the Royal Chapel which is one of the most beautiful buildings of the Hungarian Roman architecture. The Danube Museum provides lots of interesting pieces of information about the nature and history of the river; for example, you can hear about old crafts such as river-drives or truck farmers.

danube bend tour from budapest

If you are interested in the amazing nature and the superlative historical values, join us! The Danube Bend Tour waits for you!

Visegrád is known about its citadel and the royal palace. It played a significant role even in the age of the Anjou-dynasty (the early 14th century) and during Sigismund of Luxemburg’s reign, and it flourished in the age of Mathias Rex 1st. Nowadays, the most valuable item is the formal courtyard with arcades from 1484. Here you can see the copy of the marvelous Her-cule-fountain made by Giovanni Dalmata who was one of the most famous sculptors of that age.

The remains of the original one can be visited in the lapidary of the cellar. The fountain is decorated by the arms of Mathias Rex, while the statue on the top symbolizes the scene when the ancient hero defeated the Hydra of Lerna. A famous relief called Madonna of Visegrád, the Fountain of Lions, the garden of the palace, or the hanging gardens are further pleasant sights. In the hanging gardens, herbs were planted even long centuries ago.

More and more tourists visit the little Baroque town called Szentendre. Here you can find pretty many kinds of museums. If you like the arts, don’t miss the ceramic sculptures of Mar-git Kovács or the several exhibitions of painters (e.g. Béle Czóbel or Lajos Vajda). For those who’d like to visit more extreme museums, we can also recommend many themes: traffic, folk, church, music, or even marzipan exhibitions. Besides them, the Catholic and Serbian churches represent significant cultural values, too. One of the biggest Serbian community of the country lived in Szentendre.

The price of the Danube Bend Tour includes the sightseeing, a three-course lunch with drinks, and – during the summer season – an extra boating tour between Szentendre and Budapest.